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Vacancy Details

Grade: 15

No questions specified.

Grade: All Grades

1 Demonstrated experiences in Probabilistic Risk Assessment (PRA) relating to Condition and Event assessment and the ability to develop consensus positions on controversial PRA technical matters and achieving cooperative resolution of related differences with the licensee, regional and NRC staff. Maximum length of 10000 characters.

(Describe professional experience PRA and developing consensus or controversial technical issues.)

2 Demonstrated abilities in the implementation of the Agency's Reactor Oversight Process including inspection, application of the significance determination and performance assessment processes, and ability to use risk to evaluate events and inspection findings. (See examples below) Maximum length of 8000 characters.
(X0206) Describe specific experience, training, and accomplishments which demonstrate your ability to apply the operating Reactor Inspection Program. Describe your ability to assess the significance of inspection findings and/or events and disposition them through the oversight program. Describe your experience in the application of the Reactor Oversight Programs performance assessment process. Describe your knowledge and experience in application of probabilistic risk assessment tools.
3 Demonstrated ability and experience in applying NRC regulations for reactor design, operations, maintenance, engineering, and plant support consistent with that gained through completion of inspector qualifications. (Describe specific experience and training which demonstrates your knowledge of nuclear industry codes and standards and plant operations. Describe specific working knowledge of NRC rules and regulations.) Maximum length of 8000 characters.
4 Demonstrated ability to communicate well, both orally and in writing. (This includes demonstrated ability to establish effective working relationships with supervisors, Government and industry officials, utility employees and managers, Government committees, co-workers, media personnel, NRC officials and senior managers, as well as the ability to write technical reports containing findings, analyses, and conclusions.) Maximum length of 8000 characters.
Describe the kinds of briefings or other oral presentations you have made, to whom and for what purpose. Describe the types of original writing you routinely perform, the complexity of topics and typical audience for such written work products. Describe your interactions with your senior management, external officials, the public, and news media.