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Vacancy Details


Announcement Number:
ALL OFC-2019-0018
Hiring Agency:
Position Title:
Public Notice for Direct Hire (Engineering/Physical Science)
Open Period:
09/01/2019 - 08/31/2020


GG - 0801,1301,0810,1306,1320 11/12/13/14/15
USD $62,236 - USD $160,286
Work Schedule:
Multiple - Work Schedules vary depending on position (Full-time, Part-time, Intermittent, etc.).
Promotion Potential:
Promotion Potential Explanation:
Promotion potential will be based on the position to which appointed.
Duty Location(s):
Atlanta, GA, US
Lisle, IL, US
Rockville, MD, US
King of Prussia, PA, US
Chattanooga, TN, US
Arlington, TX, US
Telework Eligible:
For More Info:
Briana Dade


Hiring Path:
• Open to the public
Who May Apply/Clarification From the Agency:
Please read this Public Notice in its entirety prior to submitting your application for consideration. You are applying to a resume database. Your resume and any documents submitted will be retained and may be used at any time during the open period of this Public Notice.

U.S. Citizenship is REQUIRED.
Security Clearance Required:
L Access Authorization
Appointment Type
Multiple Appointment Types
Appointment Type Details:
Appointment type vary depending on position (Term, Temp, Permanent, etc.).
Marketing Statement:

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) is proud to be ranked as one of the BEST Places to Work in the Federal Government. We've earned our top ratings by creating a work environment rich in opportunity, diversity, leadership training, teamwork, and work life balance. Help guide our nation into the next generation of nuclear safety! Begin a challenging career with the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission where you can be part of a select group of professionals who protect people and the environment with the peaceful use of nuclear materials in medicine, industry and research. To find out more about the NRC, we invite you to visit us on the web at

When a position is requested to be filled under the Direct Hire Authority, a list of applicants may be provided to management for review and possible selection.

You will not receive any notifications and your resume will not be reviewed for qualifications until a position is requested to be filled.

This Public Notice may be used to fill positions in other equivalent pay systems.

This public notice may be used to fill one or more vacancies at any time without notification.

Duties and responsibilities vary and may increase according to the grade level.


The NRC will utilize Direct Hire Authority to fill future vacancies in a variety of engineering and physical science occupations. This vacancy is a REPOSITORY of applications. Applications MAY BE periodically referred to Selecting Officials both during the open period and for up to 90 days after the closing date of this vacancy. Because of the large number of applications anticipated, applicants status will not be updated UNLESS referred.

These positions may be Bargaining or Non-Bargaining.

Supervisory Position:
Relocation Expenses Reimbursed:

Relocation and/or interview expenses may be paid depending on the position and critical needs of the agency.

Travel Required:
Occasional Travel

Travel varies by position and location.


NRC employees have responsibilities that include: protecting public health and safety; protecting the environment; protecting and safeguarding nuclear materials and plants in the interest of national security; and assuring conformity with antitrust laws. Agency employees perform these functions through: standards-setting and rule making, technical reviews and studies; conduct of public hearings; issuance of authorizations, permits, and licenses; inspection, investigation, and enforcement; evaluation of operating experience; and confirmatory research.

Duties and responsibilities vary and may increase according to the grade level and series of the position.  

Qualifications and Evaluations


DIRECT HIRE AUTHORITY: This position is being filled using Direct-Hire Authority.

All positions, dependent upon grade levels being filled, require some level of related experience or education. (Job family series included for this vacancy are listed below)

To qualify for GG-11: Doctorate degree (PhD) in or related to an Engineering or Physical Science discipline OR Masters Degree and one year of post degree work experience OR Bachelors degree and two years of post degree work experience in or related to Engineering or Physical Science.

GG-12 and above: Requires 1 year equivalent to at least next lower grade level.

Candidates may qualify based on a combination of Education and Experience: Candidates may meet the basic qualification requirements for engineer/sciences by having at least a Bachelor's degree in an appropriate professional engineering or scientific field prior to appointment and, dependent on the grade level of the position, one year of specialized experience at the next lower grade level, or equivalent, in an occupation listed or a closely related occupation performing similar duties.  

You must meet the qualifications for this position no later than 30 days after the date you submit your application and before placement in the position.

800 Professional Engineering Occupational Requirements 

810 Civil Engineering Occupational Requirements

1301 General Physical Science Occupational Requirements

1306 Health Physics Occupational Requirements

1310 Physics Occupational Requirements

1320 Chemistry Occupational Requirements


Key Requirements:
  • U.S. Citizenship Required
  • Background investigation leading to a clearance is required for new hires
  • These are Drug Testing positions
  • Education Requirements:

    You must meet basic education and professional knowledge requirements that apply to Federal engineering and sciences positions for the grade levels to which you are applying. This knowledge is met by having a bachelor's or higher degree in a relevant professional engineering/science discipline from a school of engineering with at least one engineering curriculum accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) (or by documenting how you meet the minimum OPM qualification standards for the 800 Occupational Series or 1301 Occupational Series) in addition to the specialized experience.

    Note: Engineering technology degrees are not generally qualifying unless supplemented by other evidence of the individual's professional knowledge (e.g., current P.E. license or EIT examination results, as discussed above). More detailed information about these alternatives for meeting the knowledge requirements for Federal professional engineering and sciences jobs is described in the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Qualification Standards.  

    Note: It is your responsibility to furnish documentation that verifies you meet the basic education and professional knowledge requirements; in the absence of such documentation, you would be rated not qualified.


    PLEASE NOTE: This is a highly competitive vacancy with a limited number of openings available. When a need exists, applications will be reviewed to determine if you meet the job requirements.  Applications will be rated based on the information provided in the resume and responses to any vacancy questions to determine level of knowledge, skill and ability related to the job requirements.  If you are among the top candidates for this position, your application will be referred to the hiring manager.

    Your resume is the key means we have for evaluating your skills, knowledge, and abilities as they relate to this position.  Therefore, we encourage you to submit a thorough resume that directly relates to this position.

    If selected for an interview, you will be contacted directly by a hiring manager via the contact information you provided in your application. Applicants should not expect to receive additional status updates.



    The NRC will accept applications for this vacancy for ONLY the following occupational series: General Engineering- 0801, Civil Engineering- 0810, and Physical Sciences- 1301, 1306, 1310, and 1320.

    The ideal candidate for this position must demonstrate:

    1) Knowledge of the applicable requirements, policies, practices, and programs applicable to engineering and sciences (including but not limited to nuclear reactors, the nuclear fuel cycle, nuclear materials, nuclear waste, or risk assessment);
    2) Ability to plan, direct, coordinate, and manage complex, highly technical projects;
    3) Ability to present technical information both orally and in writing; and
    4) Ability to develop and implement successful approaches to problem solving and conflict resolution.
     In order to qualify for this position, you must have at least one year of specialized experience at the next lower grade level in the Federal Service or equivalent experience in the private or public sector.

    SPECIALIZED EXPERIENCE is defined as work experience applying professional engineering and/or scientific disciplines required for the positions being filled. One year of specialized experience at the next lower grade level, or equivalent, in an occupation listed or a closely related occupation performing similar duties is required.

    Please indicate in your resume and/or optional cover letter how you meet the qualifications for this position.

    Benefits and Other Info

    Agency Benefits:

    As an NRC employee you will enjoy excellent Federal Benefits, including: comprehensive health and life insurance plans; Flexible Spending Account Program for health and dependent care; Long Term Care Insurance; Dental and Vision Insurance; retirement savings and investment plan similar to 401(k)  (Thrift Savings Plan); annual (vacation) and paid sick leave; family friendly leave policies; 10 paid holidays per year; transit benefits.  This link provides an overview of the benefits currently offered to Federal employees.

    General Schedule Salary Table for "Rest of US" (RUS) was used, salaries may vary dependent upon location selected. Please refer to the Salary Tables link for more information:

    Other Information:

    The NRC is a zero tolerance agency with respect to illegal drug use. Individuals selected for these positions will be subject to pre-appointment drug testing.

    The NRC provides reasonable accommodation to applicants with disabilities where appropriate. If you need a reasonable accommodation for any part of the application and hiring process, please notify the coordinator at (301) 287-0745 or TDD 240-482-3217. Determinations on requests for reasonable accommodation will be made on a case-by-case basis.

    Applications MAY BE periodically referred to Selecting Officials both during the open period and for up to 90 days after the closing date of this vacancy. You MAY BE referred to selecting officials based on your UNIQUE QUALIFICATIONS and NRC's NEEDS.
    Selectees will be required to complete a "Declaration of Federal Employment", (OF-306), prior to being appointed to determine their suitability for Federal employment and to authorize a background investigation. False statements or responses on your resume or questionnaire can jeopardize your employment opportunity and subject you to disciplinary action, including removal from Federal service, a transferable security clearance from another agency or a background investigation leading to a clearance is required for all new hires. To begin work at the NRC without a security clearance, you must be granted a temporary waiver of the required clearance, referred to as a 145(b) waiver.

    To be eligible for a 145(b) waiver you need favorable education verification, reference, credit, and criminal history checks. If a wavier is granted, the successful completion of a background investigation and favorable adjudication are required for continued employment.

    If you have resided outside the U.S. for an extended period of time, the agency may not be able to (1) grant the 145(b) waiver where the required investigation cannot be completed in a timely manner, or (2) achieve timely completion of the background investigation required for a security clearance.

    How to Apply

    How to Apply:

    We strongly encourage you to read the entire announcement before you submit your application for this position.

    Your application for this vacancy must be received online via the USAJOBS application system BEFORE 11:59 pm Eastern Time on the closing date of this announcement. If you fail to submit a complete online application, you will not be considered for this position.

    The NRC requires that applicants submit resumes built using the USAJOBS Resume Builder tool. The Resume Builder tool is activated upon selecting "Build New Resume" under the "Resumes" section of your USAJOBS account.

    Resumes uploaded to your USAJOBS jobseeker account that have not been built using the USAJOBS Resume Builder tool WILL NOT be accepted and you WILL NOT be allowed to further advance through the NRC application process.

    To ensure you are using the correct resume type when applying to our vacancies, please make sure that the resume you are using during the application process is listed with a format type of "USAJOBS Resume" and a source type of "Built with USAJOBS Resume Builder. Verifying this information on your USAJOBS resume before applying will ensure the successful submission of your application to the NRC job vacancy.

    Paper applications will not be accepted unless hardship circumstances can be demonstrated. Requests for extensions WILL NOT be granted. If applying online poses a hardship for you, the Human Resources Specialist listed on the announcement will provide assistance to ensure that applications are submitted online by the closing date. Applicants must contact the Human Resources Specialist during business hours BEFORE the closing date of the announcement and speak to someone who can provide assistance for your online submission.

    You must answer any job specific vacancy questions. You will be rated based on your responses to any vacancy questions and especially the information provided in your resume. Breadth, recency, and length of experience in the field; training, awards, and commendations; past and current performance; and community or outside professional activities will be considered to determine your level of knowledge, skill or ability for this position. Abbreviated responses to the vacancy questions, such as “significant experience” or “see resume” do not provide enough information and should not be used. You will not be considered for this position if you leave any of the vacancy questions unanswered.

    To begin the application process, select the "Apply On-line" button to the right on this screen. Then follow the prompts to login/register, submit all required supplemental documents, and complete the application process.

    Required Documents:

    All supplemental documents will now be collected electronically and should be submitted before the closing date of this vacancy announcement.  You have three choices for submitting your supplemental documents:

    1.  Use the "USAJoBs" feature to download documents from your USAJOBs portfolio; or
    2.  use the "Upload" feature to upload documents directly from your computer.  The following types of documents can be uploaded:  .gif, .jpeg, .png, .rtf, .pdf, and .doc; or
    3. use the "Fax" feature to print the Fax Cover Sheet and fax it, along with your supplemental documents to 1-571-258-4052.If you are a Veteran claiming

    List of supplemental documentation (Include all applicable documentation):

    If you are a current/reinstatement eligible Federal employee with status (Tenure Group 1 or 2), you will be considered under our merit promotion procedures and must submit a copy of your most recent SF-50 (Notification of Personnel Action) to verify competitive status or reinstatement eligibility.  

    You must provide a copy of your UNOFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT with your application by the closing date of the announcement.  If you fail to submit transcripts with your application by the closing date you will be considered ineligible and will no longer be considered for this vacancy. 

    *** If all applicable required supplemental information is not included with your application you will be disqualified and will not receive further consideration.

    Next Steps:

    Applications will be reviewed only as needed and eligible candidates will be referred to the hiring managers for further consideration.

    PLEASE NOTE: This is a highly competitive vacancy with a limited number of positions available. Applicants can expect to receive an email notification that their application was received and a second notification when all the positions have been filled.

    IF SELECTED FOR AN INTERVIEW, you will be contacted directly by a hiring manager via the contact information you provided in your application. 

    The United States Government does not discriminate in employment on the basis of race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy and gender identity), national origin, political affiliation, sexual orientation, martial status, disability, genetic information, age, membership in an employee organization, retaliation, parental status, military service, or other non-merit factor.