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Vacancy Details


Announcement Number:
Work Study 2017/2018
Hiring Agency:
Position Title:
Work Study Student Program 2017/2018
Open Period:
04/19/2017 - 04/16/2018


GS - 0099 01
USD $23,547 - USD $29,450
Work Schedule:
Part-time - Open
Promotion Potential:
Duty Location(s):
Many Vacancies in

Washington , DC, US
Landover, MD, US
Telework Eligible:
For More Info:
Customer Service Center


Who May Apply/Clarification From the Agency:
Applicants must be U. S. citizens who currently attend a local high school, hold an early release schedule, are in good academic standing and able to provide appropriate references.
Security Clearance Required:
Public Trust - Background Investigation
Appointment Type
Internships (Student)
Appointment Type Details:
Appointment up to 1 year to concur with public high school calendar.
Marketing Statement:
The Library of Congress is the nation's oldest federal cultural institution and the world's largest library, with more than 151 million items in its physical collections (including books, manuscripts, prints, photos, film, video, and sound recordings) and more than 19 million items online at its award-winning Web site. Located on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., the Library is also the home of the U.S. Copyright Office, the Congressional Research Service, and the Law Library of Congress and is leading the worldwide effort to preserve digital material through the National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program.
The Library of Congress Work Study Student Program is a progressive, career development program for local high school students.  It combines on-the-job training and career development with classroom instructions and education.  Under the paid program, students earn a federal salary, receive work site supervision and career assistance.  Students will get the rare chance to work part-time when school is in session with the possibility of full-time employment during school breaks in the administrative support field. 
Supervisory Position:
Relocation Expenses Reimbursed:


This program offers high school students insights into the environment and culture of the world's largest and most comprehensive repository of human knowledge. Work Study Students will be exposed to a broad spectrum of library work: copyright, preservation, reference, access standards, and information management.

For more details about the Work Study Student Program, click here:|1||&record=4 

Qualifications and Evaluations

For a student to be eligible to submit an application for the Library of Congress Work Study Student Program they must meet the following requirements.

  •  A US Citizen
  • Enrolled in their Junior or Senior year of high school studies at a local high school not more than 45 minutes commute to worksite
  • Must be available for work Monday - Friday 12:00 to 4:00 p.m. OR Monday - Friday 1:00 to 5:00 p.m. - available from June 1, 2017 through May 30, 2018.
  • At least 16 years of age
  • Eligible for a Work Permit OR 18 years old
  • In good standing with high school grades
  • In good standing with previous employers or supervisors at volunteer positions
  • Demonstrate positive behavior at high school and work environments
  • Recommended by the appropriate high school officials through required e-mail procedure (see Required Documents section of vacancy for e-mail procedure)
Key Requirements:
  • Students enrolled in a Work-Based Learning Program are given preference
  • Homeschooled students must have completed 70% of their high school studies
  • To be considered for a position students MUST submit ALL required documents
  • Education Requirements:
    Students who are homeschooled must have completed 70% of their high school studies at the time of application as demonstrated on school transcript. 

    Completed application packages will be forwarded to selecting officials in the Library who will arrange telephone and in-person interviews with promising applicants, based on the application package and desired skills.


    GS - 1:  No experience required other than attendance in accredited high school with an early release time. (During High School Work Study Program)

    GS - 2:  High school diploma. (As you graduate high school and complete High School Work Study Program, it is possible to be promoted, if certain requirements are met)

    GS - 3:  High school diploma and 1 year of work experience. (As you graduate high school and complete High School Work Study Program, it is possible to be promoted, if certain requirements are met)


    Benefits and Other Info

    Work Study Students are temporary employees of the Library of Congress and are not eligible for most Federal Employee benefits and privileges. However, they are protected by worker's compensation laws and eligible for the transportation subsidy program for qualified individuals who use the Metro System, Virginia Rail Express, MARC commuter trains, and county and commercial buses and qualified commercial van pools to commute to their jobs at the Library.
    Other Information:
    The Library of Congress is an equal opportunity employer. Women, minorities, and persons with disabilities who meet eligibility requirements are strongly encouraged to apply.

    This agency provides reasonable accommodation to applicants with disabilities. If a student needs a reasonable accommodation for any part of the application and hiring process, please notify the agency. The decision on granting reasonable accommodation will be on a case-by-case basis.  Applicants with disabilities may be considered under special hiring procedures and must submit an appropriate certificate of eligibility when applying for this position. The date of certification must be within one year of the vacancy closing date. For more information contact the selective placement program coordinator at 202-707-6362 or email

    The Library of Congress is the national library of the United States and is part of the Legislative Branch of the Federal government. As such, all positions are in the excepted service.

    Appointment/retention is subject to a favorable evaluation of an appropriate personnel security/suitability investigation.

    The Library reserves the right to fill a lesser or greater number of vacancies indicated during the life of this vacancy announcement.

    How to Apply

    How to Apply:
    Please carefully follow all instructions under the How to Apply tab to ensure consideration for the position. Students are required to apply online for this announcement. Except for letters of recommendation, mailed or e-mailed documents WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. Students must complete the entire application process, including submission of all documents before this announcement closes. To do so, complete the following steps. 

    Step 1: If the student does not already have one, create a resume on USAJOBS. Although students must enter their Social Security Number for USAJOBS, this information will not be provided to the Library of Congress.

    Step 2: Review the Job Announcement. We recommend students go to the end of the Qualification and Evaluation section of the job announcement to preview the online questions that will be answered in Step 4. Students may wish to customize their USAJOBS resume to ensure that it supports their responses to these questions.

    Step 3: Click on the "APPLY ONLINE" button to the right of this announcement. Follow USAJOBS' instructions to access the students account and submit resume. The student will be redirected to the Hiring Management website to complete the application process. If this is the student's first time in Hiring Management, they will be asked to answer questions related to their eligibility for Federal employment. The student will be able to update this information and save it to our account for future announcements.

    Step 4: Once the student has completed the eligibility questions, they will be taken directly to the vacancy application questions. Answer all questions honestly and thoroughly.
    Step 5: Hiring Management offers three options that will electronically attach the student's documentation to their online application once they finish answering the questions in the job announcement. (1) The student may select a document that they have already uploaded to USAJOBS for a previous announcement. (2) The student may electronically upload a document directly from their computer to their application. Be certain to review the complete application for confirmation the document uploaded and click on "Finished" to be returned to USAJOBS. (3) The student may follow the "Faxing Supporting Documentation" instructions within the online application, which will provide the necessary cover sheets for each of their documents so that they will be correctly submitted. The fax number will be available on the cover sheet. Please note that each cover sheet and corresponding document must be faxed separately. Be certain to review completed fax transmittal confirmation to ensure that all pages have been received. IMPORTANT NOTE: If the student has multiple documents of the same kind, e.g. 2 undergraduate transcripts from different schools or 2 SF-50s, etc., be sure that they are all in the same file on the student's computer or in the student's USAJOBS profile before uploading them. If the student tries uploading them individually, only the last one sent will be visible in our system. Likewise, if sending them by fax, be sure and include both of them behind the respective fax cover sheet and send them as one fax. If the student sends them individually with the same cover sheet, the last one sent will overwrite the first one. Finally, if the student uploads a document, e.g. their undergraduate transcript, do not also fax that same document (or fax another undergraduate transcript), because whichever one sent last will be the only one that is visible in our system. If students have any questions about this information, please contact the person on this announcement BEFORE the closing date.

    Step 6: Students click on "Submit" after they have completed their application. Once the application has been submitted, the student can check their status online through their Hiring Management or MY USAJOBS account.  Student's complete online application and any required supplemental documentation (e.g., SF-50, etc.) must be received by 11:59 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (EST) on the closing date of the announcement. It is the student's responsibility to ensure that all documents are received on time and that the materials are readable. Failure to do so will result in the application being excluded from consideration for this announcement. If a student is experiencing any technical difficulty with the online process, they MUST CONTACT THE POINT OF CONTACT FOR THIS ANNOUNCEMENT BEFORE THE CLOSING DATE. For all technical issues please contact, no later than 4:30pm EST of the Closing Date. REQUESTS FOR EXTENSIONS WILL NOT BE GRANTED.

    Required Documents:
    Please be sure to submit ALL Required Documents

    If any documents are missing, your application will be considered incomplete and will be disqualified. .

    1. REQUIRED - Completed application through USAJOBS or federal resume attached to USAJOBS application.

    2. REQUIRED - Cover letter stating professional objectives; include language abilities and additional skills, if relevant

    3. REQUIRED - Letter of recommendation, from the appropriate high school Work-Based Learning Coordinator or high school counselor. 

    In the letter of recommendation, the Coordinator or counselor MUST assume responsibility for monitoring student's progress, attest to the applicant's proficiency, reliability and the feasibility of his/her carrying out assignments.  Letter of recommendation MUST be emailed from the high school e-mail address of the Work-Based Learning Coordinator or counselor.  E-mail letter to: The subject line MUST READ: Work Study Student Recommendation letter for [full name of applicant/student].

    4. REQUIRED - Latest transcript from the current high school.  (Report card and schedule of registered classes for the upcoming high school year is acceptable in place of transcript)

    5. REQUIRED - Complete form OF-306 (Declaration for Federal Employment) with signature.  Form OF-306 available at: 

    Next Steps:
    Please review our evaluation process under "How You Will Be Evaluated." You may check the status of your application for this position at any time by logging onto the USAJOBS "My USAJOBS" tab and clicking on "My Applications". You will receive final notification via e-mail when this vacancy has been filled.

    Selection Process:

    Applications Received

    1. Student applications are received

    2. Applications are reviewed for completeness and incomplete applications are disqualified


    Applicant is Interviewed

    1. Work Study Student Position becomes available

    2. Hiring Manager calls student applicants for interview

    3. Hiring Manager interviews student applicants

    4. Students receive an update from their Hiring Manager shortly after the interview if they have been selected for a position.  Students who have not received calls or e-mails have not been selected and remain in the pool of student applicants for consideration for other Work Study Student positions when they become available.


    Applicant is Hired

    1. Human Resources calls student applicant to offer the position and sends out Official Offer Letter to student, Vocational Teacher, and Hiring Manager

    2. Student reports to jobsite for first day of employment