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Vacancy Details

Grade: 14

1 GS-14: Do you have one year of specialized experience, equivalent to the GS-13 level, as defined in the vacancy announcement? Answer to this question is required
  • Yes
  • No

3193998 Please indicate where and when you obtained each of the specialized experience requirements listed in the Qualifications section of this Job Opportunity Announcement. Include in your response: (1) the area of specialized experience; (2) the place of employment; and, (3) the specific dates of employment the experience was gained in MM/DD/YYYY - MM/DD/YYYY format. Your response must be supported by your resume.

Example: Experience in developing and delivering presentations and training; ABC Company; 10/01/2016 - 05/15/2018.

Maximum length of 5000 characters. Answer to this question is required
3 In which of the following do you have knowledge or experience planning adult training and exercise course delivery requirements. Answer to this question is required
  • Initiating, developing, administering, and coordinating long-range training and/or exercise requirements in support of disaster operations and recovery
  • Coordinating with internal and external customers to determine administrative and logistical requirements for training courses
  • Evaluating, securing and scheduling training sites
  • Developing qualified instructional and subject matter expert teams to include writing basic courses and delivering these at fixed and temporary sites
  • Identifying and recruiting course participants
  • Coordinating administrative activities and logistical arrangements such as student transportation, printing of materials, and classroom setup for training deliveries
  • None of the above
4 Please choose all that apply to your experience providing performance-based classroom and/or alternate delivery training on national-level emergency management policy. Answer to this question is required
  • Conducted front-end analysis with a national program office to address performance requirements in order to implement classroom and/or alternate delivery training in accordance with national-level emergency management policy.
  • Facilitated focus groups involving national-level emergency management training.
  • Managed contract development of classroom and/or alternate delivery training methods (i.e., webinars, online independent study, an video-teleconference) with subject matter experts.
  • None of the above.
5 Choose the statement(s) that best describe your communication/briefing skills that you have used as a regular part of your job to support goals and leadership. (Select all that apply.) Answer to this question is required
  • Regularly communicated organizational strategies, goals, objectives and priorities in oral presentation.
  • Explained or justified decisions, conclusions, findings and recommendations in oral or written presentations.
  • Briefed managers on deployment goals and objectives.
  • Set-up and facilitated a teleconference and/or video teleconference for management use.
  • My experience is not described above.
6 3088282 From the list below, identify the type(s) of document(s) you have written. Answer to this question is required
  • I have written, in final form, technically accurate white papers, reports and/or articles for publication.
  • I have written, in final form, Statements of Work (SOW).
  • I have written, in final form, Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).
  • I have written, in final form, desk procedures/job aids.
  • I have written, in final form, Inter-organizational documents (e.g., Service Level Agreement, Memorandum Of Understanding, Memorandum Of Agreement).
  • I have written, in final form, training materials.
  • I have written, in final form, Request for Proposals (RFP); Request for Quotations (RFQ); Request for Information (RFI), or similar documents.
  • I have developed a Strategic Plan.
  • I have developed a Concept of Operations.
  • None of the above.
7 Select the choice(s) that describe(s) your typical approach in providing services and/or expertise to external persons, organizations or entities. Answer to this question is required
  • I typically respond to inquiries and requests in a timely and thorough fashion.
  • I anticipate customer/client needs and proactively reach out to offer help or suggestions.
  • I prepare briefings for internal management or external partners.
  • I prepare responses to inquiries and requests for management.
  • I prepare management responses to Federal and state elected officials.
  • I prepare and implement trainings and educational opportunities for internal and external persons, organizations or entities.
  • None of the above.
8 In which of the following do you have knowledge and experience managing a large training program. Answer to this question is required
  • Professional experience in managing a training program for a nationwide audience.
  • Supervision of professional training staff
  • Resource management.
  • Fiscal management
  • Working with other organizations to satisfy customer training requirements.
  • Development of outcome oriented metrics and strategic planning.
  • None of the above
9 Select all responses that reflect the interpersonal skills you have used to foster cooperation, convey information, or resolve conflicts. Select all that apply. Answer to this question is required
  • Explained findings or recommendations to upper-level managers.
  • Planned meetings with external individuals, industry groups, and/or organizations.
  • Informed colleagues or senior management of events that may impact ongoing work.
  • Collaborated with internal or external representatives to achieve mutual goals.
  • None of the above.
10 Select the choice(s) that reflect the supervisory/managerial functions you have performed. Answer to this question is required
  • Adjusted staffing levels or work procedures to accommodate changes in resource allocations
  • Identified improved work methods and procedures to increase efficiency
  • Assigned work
  • Disciplined employees
  • Evaluated employee performance
  • Served as mentor to lower level staff
  • Identified training needs and provided or arranged for training
  • Interviewed candidates and made selection recommendations
  • Recommended promotions and awards
  • Set goals, milestones and expectations
  • Applied equal employment principles and objectives in carrying out human resources responsibilities for subordinate staff
  • None of the above
11 Concerning your leadership experience, select the duty(ies) that you have experience performing on a regular, recurring basis. Answer to this question is required
  • I have facilitated collaboration, coordination, and communication between staff members and others.
  • I have coached staff members in problem solving methods.
  • I have identified and balanced workload and tasks among employees in accordance with established skill levels.
  • I have trained and mentored employees.
  • I have led and motivated others to accomplish mission goals.
  • I have devised and implemented organizational plans and procedures.
  • I have provided advice on work methods, practices, and procedures.
  • I have established performance standards and counseled employees on performance plans.
  • I have taken necessary action in cases of poor performance or misconduct.
  • None of the above.

Grade: All Grades

All FEMA employees are subject to 24-hour on-call in the event of an emergency and all Federal employees may be subject to emergency deployment. In the event of an emergency deployment, travel requirements may be extensive in nature (weeks to months), with little advance notice, and may require relocation to emergency sites, some of which are quite austere. The length of deployment may last anywhere from days to months, depending upon the nature of the emergency or disaster.
Every FEMA employee is considered an emergency manager and each employee has regular and recurring emergency management responsibilities, although not every position requires routine deployment to disaster sites. Your emergency management duties may vary depending on the needs of the Agency, your particular skills, and certain personal circumstances. All positions may require irregular work hours, work at locations other than the official duty station, and may include duties other than those specified in the employee's official position description.
1 Are you able to meet this commitment? Answer to this question is required
  • Yes
  • No
3107226 Please note that effective January 1, 2010, the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) must authorize any employment offers we make to current or former (within the last 5 years) political Schedule A, Schedule C, or non-career Senior Executive Service (SES) employees in the Executive Branch. If you are currently, or have been within the last 5 years, a political Schedule A, Schedule C, or non-career SES employee in the Executive Branch, you must disclose this information to the Human Resources Office. Failure to disclose this information could result in disciplinary action including removal from Federal service.
2 3107228 Are you currently serving, or have served within the last five years, as a political Schedule A, Schedule C, or non-career Senior Executive Service (SES) employee in the Executive Branch? Answer to this question is required
  • Yes
    2.1 3107314 Please provide the following information regarding your political appointment(s): 1. Official Title of Position; 2. Type of Appointment (i.e. Schedule A, Schedule C, or non-career SES); 3. Name of Agency; 4. Date Position began; and 5. Date Position ended Maximum length of 1000 characters.
  • No
3 3117590 How did you hear about this Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) job opportunity? Answer to this question is required
  • USAJobs
  • Monster
  • Indeed
  • Zip Recruiter
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Employment Office
  • Job Fair
  • Professional Organization
  • FEMA Recruiter
  • Newspaper
  • Radio
  • Through my college or university
  • FEMA Employee
  • DHS/FEMA Hiring Event
  • Other
    3.1 3095446 Please specify how you learned about this Federal Emergency Management Agency job opportunity. Maximum length of 250 characters.
4 3125488 I understand the resume I have submitted for this position will be thoroughly reviewed to determine whether my experience and/or educational background is sufficient to meet basic and/or specialized experience requirements as outlined in this announcement. I also understand that if the information provided in my resume is not sufficient to support my responses to the vacancy announcement questions, it will affect the overall assessment of my application package. I understand a high self-assessment in the application questions that is not supported by information in my resume may prevent me from being found best qualified, in which case my application will not be referred to the selecting official. Answer to this question is required
  • Yes
  • No
5 3125489 I acknowledge that I have reviewed the Required Documents section of this announcement to determine which documents, if any, I need to provide in support of this application. Answer to this question is required
  • Yes
    5.1 3149447 I understand that if I do not submit all REQUIRED documents that are complete, openable and readable by the closing date, it will affect the overall assessment of my application package.
    • Yes
    • No
  • No
6 Please take this opportunity to review your ratings to ensure their accuracy. By agreeing to the statement below, you are confirming that you understand this statement, have reviewed your responses to this questionnaire for accuracy, and verify that your responses accurately describe your current level of experience and capability. Failure to agree to the statement below will disqualify you from further consideration for the position Answer to this question is required
  • Yes, I verify that all of my responses to this questionnaire are true and accurate. I accept that if my supporting documentation and/or later steps in the selection process do not support one or more of my responses to the questionnaire that my application may be rated lower and/or I may be removed from further consideration.
  • No. I do not accept this agreement and/or I no longer wish to be considered for this position.