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"OIG-2019-0012" Vacancy Details


Announcement Number:
Hiring Agency:
U.S. Department of State
Position Title:
Deputy Assistant Inspector General for Management
Open Period:
12/06/2018 - 12/28/2018


ES - 0341 00
USD $126,148 - USD $189,600
Work Schedule:
Full-time - Full-Time
Promotion Potential:
Duty Location(s):
District of Columbia, DC, US
Telework Eligible:
For More Info:
Martin R. Conterez


Hiring Path:
• Open to the public
Who May Apply/Clarification From the Agency:
This announcement is open to all U.S. citizens.
Security Clearance Required:
Top Secret
Appointment Type
Appointment Type Details:
Marketing Statement:
The men and women of the U.S. Department of State, Office of Inspector General with their skills, character and commitment to public service, provide critical oversight to ensure the Department of State and the Broadcasting Board of Governors perform their foreign policy/diplomatic and international broadcasting missions effectively and efficiently.  They work to uphold the Secretary’s leadership and management principles.

The incumbent serves as the Deputy Assistant Inspector General (DAIG) for Management in the Office of the Executive Director (EX) under the AIG for Management. EX is responsible for the policies, planning, and management regarding a full range of administrative and related services in support of the mission and functions of the OIG. The incumbent of this position leads, manages, and supervises the activities and staff of the Office in carrying out the functional responsibilities of the Office.

Supervisory Position:
Relocation Expenses Reimbursed:
Travel Required:
Occasional Travel



The DAIG’s responsibilities includes matters of administration, information technology, quality assurance, budget development and management, employee development, human resources management, space management, operating policies, and internal affairs. Specific responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • developing and maintaining a system for administering the independent and separate appropriation of the Office of Inspector General, including full budget justification, presentation, and execution;

  • managing and overseeing the human resources management operations of the Office of Inspector General, including staffing and placement, classification, employee relations, equal employment opportunity, and employee benefits;

  • managing and overseeing OIG’s travel program that provides OIG employees and contractors with efficient and effective support for all travel needs;

  • overseeing the management of OIG’s information technology (IT) program. The incumbent provides IT support services to approximately 250-300 employees and contractors;

  • assisting the Assistant Inspector General with internal affairs for the Office of Inspector General;

  • overseeing the management of OIG physical facilities. The incumbent provides administrative support services (including procurement, supply, and travel assistance) to approximately 250-300 employees and contractors;

  • exercising responsibility within the Executive Office for recruiting, hiring, training, developing, evaluating, promoting and awarding staff members and for promoting the principles of equal employment opportunity;

  • collaborating with the Deputy Assistant Inspectors General of other offices within OIG to coordinate the development and implementation of policies and guidelines;

  • advising on quality assurance within OIG/EX, including recommending studies of internal controls and implementing any necessary identified changes;

  • performing and directing work in monitoring and studying ongoing OIG programs in light of Departmental programs and changing priorities and advising the Assistant Inspector General when redirection appears necessary; and

  • attending meetings for the Assistant Inspector General with the other Deputy Assistant Inspectors General to keep informed on the full range of OIG activities and to make recommendations on matters under discussion, particularly as they relate to the Executive Office.

Qualifications and Evaluations


The Ethics in Government Act, PL 95-521 requires the applicant selected for this position to submit a financial disclosure statement, SF-278, prior to assuming the SES position, annually, and upon termination of employment.

Key Requirements:
  • Incumbent will be subject to random drug testing.
  • Requires a financial disclosure statement, SF-278.
  • Must be able to obtain and maintain a Top Secret security clearance.
  • U.S. Citizenship is required.
  • One-year probationary period, unless excepted by regulation.
  • Education Requirements:

    An Executive Review Board (ERB) and Qualifications Review Panel (QRP) consisting of senior officials will rate applicants based on the quality and extent of total accomplishments, experience, and education. The ERB and QRP will determine the degree to which candidates possess the required knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform the Mandatory Technical Qualifications (MTQ) requirements of the position and the Executive Core Qualifications (ECQ) requirements. Among the factors the ERB and QRP will consider in determining the applicant's relative capacity and fitness for the position are education, training, experience, and demonstrated executive level qualifications. The ERB and QRP will rate your application against each of the ECQs and MTQs to determine the best qualified candidates. Candidates determined to be the best qualified will be referred to the selecting official for further consideration for the position.



    When responding to the ECQs and MTQs, you must clearly show that you possess the experience, knowledge, skills, and ability to perform the duties of this position by submitting narrative responses in which you detail your experience in each of the MTQs and the ECQs. Your examples should be clear and emphasize your level of responsibilities, scope and complexity of programs managed, program accomplishments, policy initiatives, level of contacts, and results of your actions.

    You should limit your narrative to two pages per MTQ and ECQ. Applicants who use "see resume" as a response will not receive consideration for this position.

    A. Executive Core Qualifications (ECQ):

    UNLESS you:

    • are currently serving under a career Senior Executive Service (SES) appointment, 

    • are eligible for reinstatement into the SES, or

    • have successfully completed a SES Candidate Development Program approved by OPM,

    you MUST address each ECQ in the Questionnaire Portion of the application process.

    To view ECQs, please click here. Additional information on the proper preparation of Executive Core Qualifications statements is available on the Office of Personnel Management's website. To access, please click here and here.

    B. Mandatory Technical Qualifications (MTQ):

    All applicants must address each of the MTQs in order to receive consideration for this position.

    • You must address the MTQs separately (as a separate document) and NOT through the Questionnaire Portion of the application process.   

    • After preparing your MTQs, please upload them in the document upload section under "additional documentation."

    For this position ALL applicants must address each of the following MTQs:

    1) Demonstrated results in analyzing and resolving complex program operation problems, developing and implementing innovative approaches, and assessing the results that support the organization’s strategic goals and ensure mission readiness. This includes the ability to collaborate at the most senior levels of the organization to achieve mutually agreeable and acceptable solutions to complex and potentially contentious issues with significant impact on agency operations.

    2) Demonstrated leadership experience in the successful management and oversight of a diverse portfolio of administrative programs critical to a federal agency’s or similar organization’s mission, including 3 or more of the following: budget formulation and execution, personnel/human resources management, information technology, records management, facilities and logistics (such as property management), procurement/contracts, and security and emergency preparedness.

    3) Demonstrated leadership using multi-year planning, strategic thinking, process re-engineering, organizational streamlining, and performance management to improve customer service in administrative organizations. 


    Benefits and Other Info

    Benefits URL:
    Review our Benefits
    Agency Benefits:
    Other Information:
    For reasonable accommodation at the U.S. Department of State, please contact the Office of Accessibility and Accommodations at (202) 663-3474 or

    More than one selection may be made from this announcement if additional vacancies in the same title, series, grade, and unit occur.

    How to Apply

    How to Apply:

    Applicants must submit an on-line application through the Office of Personnel Management's (OPM) application system, USAJOBS. Information you provide in USAJOBS is general information completed by all applicants. The information you provide and your Federal resume will become part of your application and will automatically be transferred to the Department of State's Gateway to State application system when you apply on-line. You have until 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time on the closing date of this announcement to complete the following three-step application process:

    STEP 1: Select the "Apply On-line" button at the bottom of this page and follow the instructions provided. WHEN COMPLETING YOUR ON-LINE RESUME, DO NOT CONVERT IT TO THE SES RESUME FORMAT.

    STEP 2: Answer the mandatory technical and executive core qualifications. These questions will be used to evaluate your qualifications for this job. Review your resume to make certain that it supports your responses to the user information questions and the mandatory technical and executive core qualifications.  

    • The MTQs must be addressed in a separate document and uploaded in the "additional documentation" section of the application process.

    • The ECQs must be addressed in the questionnaire portion of the application process. 

    STEP 3: Submit all required documentation listed in the required documents section of this announcement to the automated system "Gateway to State" prior to the closing date of the announcement.

    For instructions on how to view the status of your supporting documentation, please click here.

    Technical assistance with your on-line application can be obtained by contacting the Help Desk at OR by calling (866) 656-6830 or (703) 269-4944 between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (ET).

    NOTE: If applying online poses an extreme hardship, you may request alternate application procedures to submit your application package by fax. Contact the Human Resources office listed on the announcement between the business hours of 8:15 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. ET, at least two working days prior to the closing date of this announcement. The application package for alternate application procedures must be submitted and received in the Human Resources office no later than 11:59 p.m. ET on the closing date of this announcement.

    NOTE: Paper applications and information sent by mail WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

    Required Documents:

    If you are currently serving under a career SES appointment, are eligible for reinstatement into the career SES, or have successfully completed an SES Candidate Development Program approved by OPM, you must submit proof of non-competitive eligibility, i.e., conversion to career SES SF-50 or SES Certificate.

    You must attach a copy of an SF-50 "Notice of Personnel Action" that verifies status or eligibility. If the SF-50 is not attached, THEN YOU MUST ADDRESS THE ECQs or you may not be considered for this position.

    All required documents must be submitted to our automated system "Gateway to State" prior to 11:59 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, on the closing date of this announcement.


    You must upload your responses in the "additional documentation" section of the application process. 

    All required documents listed below that are applicable to you must be submitted to our automated system "Gateway to State" by 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time (ET) on the closing date of this announcement.

    1. Resume - Your resume or any other written format you choose should contain the required information as specified in the “How You Will Be Evaluated” section. Insufficient information will result in an ineligible rating.

    2. A completed online job specific self-assessment questionnaire through the Department’s automated system “Gateway to State.”

    3. Transcripts - If applicable, see the Qualifications section of the announcement. If selected, an official/sealed college transcript(s) will be required to verify education prior to employment.  

    4. If you are qualifying based on other criteria listed under the Qualification Section of this announcement, you MUST submit the required supporting documentation (certificates, certifications, etc.) with your application.   

    5. Performance Appraisal - All current Federal employees and reinstatement eligible applicants must submit a copy of their most recent completed annual performance appraisal that includes the final rating. If a performance appraisal does not exist, is incomplete, or is unavailable, a Form   DS-1812 (Applicant Appraisal) or equivalent form from another agency signed by the current supervisor is acceptable. Mid-year progress reviews will not be accepted.

    6. Current, former, and non-competitive Federal employees must submit SF-50s (Notification of Personnel Action) that show: effective date, position title, series, grade, salary, tenure, position occupied, full promotion potential, and name of agency. Examples include promotion and within-grade increase actions. Award SF-50s often do not show this information. Multiple SF-50s may be needed to show all information. 

    Next Steps:
    After all application packages have been received, we will review your resume to ensure you meet the basic qualification requirements. If your package is complete and you are deemed eligible, your application will be reviewed by an Executive Review Board and by a Review Panel that will determine the best qualified applicants. The most highly qualified candidates will be referred to the hiring manager for further consideration and possible interviews.

    You will be notified up to four times during the hiring process:

    1. Upon receipt of your application.

    2. Upon minimum qualification determinations.

    3. After the certificate is issued.

    4. After final selection is made.

    For instructions on how to view the status of your application, please click here.