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Vacancy Details

Grade: 12

Carefully read each question and all possible answers before selecting a response. Some questions will be used to screen out ineligible applicants. Applicant errors in responses will not be corrected. You are responsible for the accuracy of your application. Your application must describe your work and experience, in your own words. If you fail to provide requested information, or the information submitted is insufficient, you may lose consideration for the position.
Applicants MUST meet the following minimum qualification requirements for this position. In the event you do not meet these requirements, you will be found ineligible for the position. All applicant's must:

  • Possess a Bachelor's Degree (in any discipline) from an accredited college, and a Master of Divinity degree consisting of 80 hours or equivalent education from an accredited residential seminary or school of theology.

  • AND

  • Be an Ordained Clergy or member of ecclesiastically recognized religious institutes of vowed men or women.

  • AND

  • Have an Ecclesiastical Endorsement

  • AND

  • Have 2 years of Ministry Leadership Experience (This experience must be addressed in your resume). Clinical Pastoral Education, a valuable training experience for chaplains, may satisfy up to one year, or 2,087 hours, of the requirement of pastoral/spiritual experience.
  • 1 Do you meet ALL of the minimum qualification requirements listed above? Answer to this question is required
    • Yes, I meet ALL the minimum qualification requirements described above.
    • No, I do not meet ALL of the minimum qualification requirements described above.
    NOTE: ALL applicants MUST submit all educational transcipts and documents supporting being an Ordained Clergy and having an ecclesiastical endorsement.
    NOTE: ALL applicants MUST submit college transcipts for verification.

    LISTED BELOW ARE GROUPED STATEMENTS RELATING TO THE ASSESSMENTS/COMPETENCIES NECESSARY FOR THE POSITION. Read each question carefully and select the answer choice that best describes your experience.
    2 Chaplains are pastoral care providers to inmates and staff. Their presence should be seen in all areas of the institution to include housing units, special housing units, and staff work duty stations to ensure availability and pastoral presence. Pastoral care is to be extended to all inmates regardless of their faith tradition. Pastoral care to staff should be extended when appropriate. Chaplains work schedules are posted on chapel and inmate housing bulletin boards. From the choices below, please select the one that best describes your experience.
    • I have designed, organized and/or led religious services in a congregational setting; and/or I have counseled congregants in a crisis situation, (i.e., grief, death, marriage and family issues, national disasters, etc.); and/or as a pastoral leader, I have provided administrative oversight of a religious organization.
    • I have served as a Chaplain in a correctional/military/hospital or other institutional type setting; and/or I have developed religious programs to meet the religious needs of diverse faith communities; and/or I have established and worked with leaders from a broad spectrum of the religious community.
    • I have taught a class on religious topics; and/or I have visited the sick in the hospital or home to provide pastoral or ministerial support; and/or I have led worship/religious services in a congregational setting.
    • None of the above.
    3 Chaplains' written communication with staff, inmates and the community is done via memorandums, letters, emails and response to inmate needs. Solid writing skills are essential for clear and effective communication in all written correspondence. Written communication is essential in promoting the security and orderly running of religious programs in conjunction with all operations in the institution. From the choices below, please select the one that best describes your experience.
    • I have independently prepared ministerial reports utilizing word processing including Word Perfect, Microsoft Word and/or Excel; and/or I have independently created ministry media presentations using Corel, Power Point and/or Microsoft Word; and/or I have independently developed written publications of religious programming such as worship bulletins, devotions, flyers, pamphlets and web sites.
    • I have proof read and edited written publications for religious programming; and/or I have completed college level writing/editing course(s); and/or I have prepared memorandums outlining operating procedures for co-workers and/or new staff.
    • I have developed and written schedule for ministerial and/or congregational activities; and/or I have written responses to general information requests from the public and/or congregation members; and/or I have assisted other pastoral employees in writing memos and reports.
    • None of the above.
    4 Chaplains orally communicate with inmates and staff by providing religious guidance and expertise regarding all religious issues. Communication with inmates, contract resource persons, volunteers, family members and outside religious organizations is essential to the mission of chaplaincy. Chaplains communicate during staff/departmental meetings, religious services, counseling sessions, daily interactions with inmates/staff and persons in the community. From the choices below, please select the one that best describes your experience.
    • I have presented sermons and led worship services to own congregation when delegated by supervisor; and/or I have participated in ministerial staff and/or committee meetings with own ministry group; and/or I have presented at a religious workshop, retreat or group class; and/or I have offered conflict mediation to individuals and groups.
    • I have officiated weekly sermons, holy day observances, special ceremonial rites, and worship services; and/or I have led ministerial staff meetings and/or committee meetings in a multi staff religious setting; and/or I have facilitated religious workshops, retreats and classes with groups; and/or I have counseled others in crisis through one-on-one and group pastoral care sessions.
    • I have delivered a sermon and worship service as part of a class or internship; and/or I have conveyed information for meeting agendas, worship bulletins and training sessions to supervisor; and/or I have presented a religious training class or study as part of an internship.
    • None of the above.
    5 Chaplains relate to inmates, staff, resource persons, volunteers and religious organizations in the community on a daily basis. Solid interpersonal skills are essential in relating appropriately and positively. Their interpersonal skills must be able to deal effectively with religiously diverse faith groups, inmate personal issues, crisis situations, religious needs, community resources and institutional staff. From the choices below, please select the one that best describes your experience.
    • I have established a work history of effective ministry accomplishments in meeting religious needs by utilizing volunteer groups and faith organizations; and/or I have developed specialized training programs for volunteer groups and faith communities to accomplish strategic objectives; and/or I have served as a resource person in training and educating volunteer groups and faith organizations in need of training expertise.
    • I have worked with volunteer groups and faith organizations in past ministry efforts; and/or I have utilized faith groups and faith organizations in to meet specific, pressing and relevant religious needs; and/or I have communicated and trained volunteer groups and faith organizations to be more effective in meeting religious needs.
    • I have accessed and used information from various sources (i.e. web sites, community) regarding volunteer groups and faith organizations; and/or I have communicated the mission of Chaplaincy Services to various community organizations; and/or I have initiated positive relationship building with volunteer groups and faith organizations by personal interaction and communication.
    • None of the above.
    6 Chaplains oversee programs, policy or procedures and may assist in planning, directing, coordinating and evaluating policy in an independent manner. They are responsible for a variety of technical and complex assignments and must be able to prioritize work-load to ensure assignments are completed in a timely manner and re-prioritize assignments as needed to meet the mission of the office. They may identify operational or program issues, and initiate corrective action or recommend solutions with limited review and/or revision. From the choices below, please select the one that best describes your experience.
    • I have utilized checklist to complete assignments; and/or I have researched available resources to respond to inquiry received; and/or I have completed assignments as instructed by supervisor.
    • I have prioritized work based on last minute assignments or staff shortages; and/or I have assisted others in completing assignments; and/or I have recommended ideas for consideration to streamline a current process.
    • I have implemented established guidance or instructions to improve work process; and/or I have re-arranged priorities due to the assignment of a special project; and/or I have managed workload and completed projects in accordance with supervisory expectations.
    • None of the above.

    Grade: All Grades

    NOTE: Bureau of Prisons' applicants hired for a position in a correctional institution are considered correctional workers and must be able to perform correctional work regardless of their specific occupation.

    One requirement of the hiring process is for applicants to complete an Applicant Assessment. The purpose of the assessment is to ensure applicants possess the core values and behaviors required for success at a federal correctional institution.

    Applicants must complete and pass the Applicant Assessment to be considered for employment with the Bureau of Prisons.
    1 How did you hear about this employment opportunity with the Bureau of Prisons (BOP)?
    • Private information service
    • Magazine
    • Newspaper
    • Radio
    • Television
    • Poster/Flyer
    • Private employment office
    • State Employment/Unemployment Office or Career Service Center
    • State or local Job Information Center
    • BOP Employee Services Department (bulletin board or other form announcement)
    • School or college counselor or other official
    • Agency or other Federal government recruitment at school or college
    • Recruitment event (other than school or college)
    • Friend or relative working for the BOP
    • Friend or relative not working for the BOP
    • Religious organization
    • USAJOBS, the official job site of the US Federal Government
    • BOP Website
    • Internet job site
    • Contacted the BOP on my own
    • Military publication
    • Military Separation Center
    • Professional Organization
    • Federal Job Publication (i.e., Federal Jobs Digest, etc)
    • Discover Corrections
    • Washington DC Diversity
    • Other
    Thank you for applying for a position with the Federal Bureau of Prisons. We appreciate you taking the time to complete this survey.